Ladies GOY Stableford 06/08/16

Ladies GOY Stableford

There was a big turn out for our GOY 18 H Stableford Competition last weekend played in perfect weather with the  golf course in prime condition. The top three positions were keenly contested but it was Bridie Fay who took the 1st place followed closely in 2nd by Kate Elliott with Mary Kelly taking the 3rd position. Well done ladies . Many thanks to Renee’s Advance Beauty Clinic for the generous sponsorship.

Wed Evening 9 H was hampered by the inclement weather with a very small turn out . Winner was Phil  Walsh , 2nd place went to Kate Elliott. Sponsor was Kate Elliott.


Events this week

Open 3Ball  Waltz on Wed 10th Aug is being sponsored by Lawton & Foley Motors . Time sheet available in Club House.

18 H s/f next weekend on Fri 12th@ 10.00 and 16.00 and Sat 13th Aug @ 8.30