18th/19th November. 14 H Winter Hamper

14 Hole Winter Hamper 18th/19th Nov: 1st Kate Elliot, 2nd Betty Duffy.

Wed 9 Hole 16th Nov : Winner Liz Geraghty .

Congratulation to Mary Foy who won the Wed 9 Hole Championship for 2016 .

Many thanks to Irish Casings , Tullamore , for their generous sponsorship.

Glow in the Dark
The mens and the ladies clubs joined forces on Friday night to venture out into the dark to follow luminous little balls guided by luminous markings on the fairways and green . No doubt the men out numbered the ladies . For most it was a new experience.The super moon assisted our torches to lead us along through the 9 holes.

Hot punch and a delicious buffet awaited us on our return to the club house.